Cross-training, sometimes referred to as circuit training, refers to combining exercises of other disciplines, different than that of the athlete in training. In reference to running, cross-training is when a runner trains by doing another kind of fitness workout such as cycling, swimming, a fitness class or strength training, to supplement their running. It builds strength and flexibility in muscles that running doesn’t utilize. It prevents injury by correcting muscular imbalances. And the variety prevents boredom and burnout.

Cross training shoes is often a hybrid of some different types of footwear. It may have the lateral stability of tennis shoes or basketball sneakers, the heel cushioning of running shoes and the forefoot cushioning of shoes for volleyball. It can be made of flexible materials like those in running shoes or all leather type materials. The special feature of this shoe is that it doesn’t specialize in any specific types of activity. These shoes have to be versatile enough to be utilized for many different activities, and for people who take part in different activities.